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Precision Cut-off

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Precision Cutoff
Precision Cutoff

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Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. offers an in-house cut-off department to provide exact length pieces to each customer's requirements. Our wide range of cut-off equipment includes abrasive saws, cold saws, band saws, as well as adiabatic shears, to support your cut-off needs for short, medium, and long run jobs.

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Precision Cut-off Capabilities

Typical length tolerances we cut to are
Piece Length
Cross-sectional profiles that fit within a 1.00" square:
0.250" to 4.000"
4.000" to 20.000"
Cross-sectional profiles that fit within a 2.00" square:
0.250" to 10.000"
10.000" to 22.000"
22.000" to 44.000"
Large volume cut-off jobs requiring adiabatic shearing of profiles that do not exceed a cross-sectional area of 0.19635" squared:
0.250" to 6.000"
Need the profiles pieces de-burred after cut off?
Rathbone also offers vibratory de-burring for pieces up to 4.000" long.

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