#IMTS2022 – All Good Things must come to an end.

Wow – what a show. First, I want to THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by the Rathbone Precision Metals booth and learned about the cost savings & benefits of using profiles. I would also like to give a huge shout out to the Rathbone customers who stopped by to say hello. With all the travel issues over the last couple years, it was great to see you in person.

This years show had 86,307 registered visitors, which is down from the last show in 2018, however it sure felt as busy. I think there may have been more excitement at this years show with all the challenges of the last couple years. The folks who did come to #IMTS2022 had the opportunity to meet with 1,816 exhibiting companies.

My quick take away from the show: as I walked thru much of the 1,212,806 square footage of the show, there was a lot of companies with robotics and automation. Yet, tucked away in booth #236331, Dan and Scott were telling visitors about the benefits of cold rolling and cold drawing, a process from the early 1800’s. Can you believe that a production method that old is still providing huge benefits to companies all over the globe.

Not sure how cold rolling or cold drawing can benefit your company’s bottom line – give Rathbone Precision Metals a call.


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