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Lead Times Extended 2 Weeks

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If you recall, in my last blog, I advised all that Lead Times are on the rise and to get your orders in sooner than later. Kudo’s to those that listened and sent in their orders. To those of you that have waited, well…’s not looking good. Rathbone is currently extending the lead time by […]

Waiting only makes it worse!!

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The talk of the town last year at this time was the Covid Virus and while it is still a topic, supply chain/logistics issues is the current challenge for most companies today. While we all have supply/logistic challenges, the award probably goes to those companies who have container/product on the Ever Given, which is still […]

Challenges of 2021 Continue

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While the 1st Quarter of 2021 has come to a close, the challenges of the cold work industry continue. The costs of raw material and associated surcharges continues to climb. In addition, the lead time to acquire raw stock is extending along with some grades not being available. We continue to expect raw material lead […]

Cold Draw Raw Material Prices on the Rise

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Hope everyone’s 2021 is getting off to a good start. As I had mentioned previously, I was hearing rumblings of price increases in the metal market and suggested people get their orders in. Well, the rumor mills were right as I have already received about a half dozen notices of price increases. I can only […]