Waiting only makes it worse!!

The talk of the town last year at this time was the Covid Virus and while it is still a topic, supply chain/logistics issues is the current challenge for most companies today. While we all have supply/logistic challenges, the award probably goes to those companies who have container/product on the Ever Given, which is still in the Suez Canal. Either way, the challenges we encounter are not making any ones life’s easier and if I had any hair to pull out, I would be tugging on it.

I know I have said this a few thousand times (okay – maybe not that many), “Get Your Orders in Sooner than Later” and this is more true today than ever before. Lead times for raw stock are still on the rise along with late shipments, so much for JIT. And then there are the specialty raw stock materials, which not only have longer lead times, but in some cases the material is no longer available domestically. If you want to get your order when you need it, I suggest giving Rathbone a call to discuss any supply/logistics issues. Another benefit to ordering sooner – better pricing. With prices constantly on the rise, the sooner we can process your order means the more money you will save. A friendly reminder is to ask about volume discounts when placing your order, ordering a few more pounds could save you money.

If you should have any questions, comments or concerns, give Rathbone Precision Metals a call @ 413-283-8968

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