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Cold Drawn Steel "T" Pin for the Automotive Industry

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Cold Rolled Steel 'T' Pin for the Automotive Industry
Cold Rolled Steel 'T' Pin for the Automotive Industry

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Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. manufactures this T-pin profile for use in an automotive steering column assembly. The cold drawn process, delivers improved mechanical properties, which enables the customer to design thinner sections with greater tensile strength than a machining application would allow. We are able to hold the specified corner radius as well as maintain uniform tip radii and accurate profile symmetry, even on the thin sections - the .315" width of the profile is held to ±.005" tolerances, while the .955" height is accurate to within ±.002".

We manufacture this profile in 1035 Alloy Steel, and supply them to the customer in 8' bar lengths, with a 125Ra surface finish, fully tested and inspected per the their specifications.

To learn more about this project, or how a cold rolled or cold drawn profile could benefit your application, contact Rathbone today.

Cold Drawn Steel "T" Pin Project Highlights

Product Application
This "T" Pin is used in an automotive steering column
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Roll & Die Design and Manufacturing
Our unique capabilities allow us to hold dimensional tolerances on thin sections while maintaining profile symmetry as well as holding tight tip edge tolerances.
Customer Benefits:
  • Improved mechanical properties of cold work allows customer to design thinner sections
  • Provides better surface finish over machined option
  • Accurate profile symmetry
  • Uniform tip radii
Overall Profile Dimensions
Width: .315"
Height: .955"
Length: 8' Long Bars
Width: ±.005"
Height: ±.002"
Material Used
1035 Alloy Per SAE 1035
Max Material Finish
125 Ra
Estimated Profile Weight
.3501 lbs per ft
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Per Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Description
"T" Pin

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