Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Cocking Hammer for the Firearms Industry

REQUEST QUOTE Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Cocking Hammer for the Firearms Industry

At Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc., our expertise with cold draw die design enable us to create unique profiles for difficult to manufacture parts. This cocking hammer, used in a firearm application has many critical requirements. We designed a die that formed the tight corners and fillet radii to within exacting ± .002″ tolerances and the serrations in such fine detail that the need for secondary machining operations was eliminated. Working with 4140 Steel, we control the decarburization in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

We produce this 1.400″ high, .900″ wide profile with an 80 Ra finish and quality check it for dimensional accuracy.

To learn more about this profile as well as others, or how cold drawn and cold rolled profiles could benefit your application, please contact Rathbone today.

Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Cocking Hammer Project Highlights

Product Applications

This cocking hammer is used in a firearm application

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Roll & Die Design and Manufacturing
Our Unique Capabilities Allow us to Cold Draw Serrations in Fine Detail and Hold Tight Corner Radii In Critical Areas While Holding to Customer Decarb Requirements.

Customer Benefits:

Cold drawn serrations eliminates secondary machining operations
Functional tight corner/fillet radii

Overall Profile Dimensions

Width: .900″
Height: 1.400″



Material Used

4140 Steel
TrimRite® Stainless Steel

Max Material Finish

80 Ra

Estimated Profile Weight

1.99 lbs per ft

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Per Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Description

Pistol Hammer

TrimRite® is a registered trademark of CSR Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corporation

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