Cold Drawn Alloy Steel Gas Key for the Firearms Industry

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Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. manufactures this gas key profile configuration for the firearms industry. Our cold drawn process is tailored to provide dimensional tolerances of ± 0.001” on the width of the base. Although our standard cold drawn surface is 125 Ra, most of our customers purchasing this profile require better to reduce their in house finishing operations. Rathbone responded to our customer requirements by designing our process to achieve 63 Ra maximum on the entire profile. We have pushed our surface finish capabilities even further when asked to so by designing a process to provide a 45 Ra maximum surface finish of the bottom flat of the base.

We produce this profile in 4140 Alloy Steel and then supply to our customers in either 12’ bar lengths or in abrasively saw cut to exact piece lengths with a tolerance of ±.010″.

This profile when compared to machining from rectangular bar reduces scrap loss, improves throughput, and reduces manufacturing costs for our customers.

To learn more about this profile as well as others, or how cold drawn and cold rolled profiles could benefit your application, please contact Rathbone today.

Cold Drawn Alloy Steel Gas Key Project Highlights

Product Application

This Gas Key profile is used in the AR Platform and many similar platforms.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Die design to provide better than industry standard dimensional tolerances and surface finish. Abrasive saw cut pieces or 12 ft exact length bars.
Profile symmetry is maintained while holding consistent fillet and corner radii.

Customer Benefits:

  • Provides improved surface finishes that reduce or eliminate in house finishing operations.
  • Accurate profile symmetry.
  • Abrasive saw cutting of exact length pieces.

Overall Profile Dimensions

Width: 0.400”
Height: .490”
Length: 12” bars and or exact cut length pieces


Flat on base: 0.400 ± 0.001”
Height: 0.490 ± 0.003”

Material Used

4140 Alloy Steel

Max Surface Finish

63 Ra – Standard Surface
45 Ra – Optional Surface

Estimated Profile Weight

.5019 lbs per ft

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Per Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Description

Gas Key is sometimes referred to as a Key Bolt Carrier.

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