Cold Drawn TrimRite® Stainless Pipe Gasket Retaining Segment for the Water Pipe Industry

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This retaining ring segment for a high pressure water pipe application highlights Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc.’s ability to manufacture parts that are tougher, more uniform, and less expensive than a machined version. One of the tolerance requirements for this project stipulated that the sharpness of the tooth tips were not to exceed .005″ radius. This precise sharpness could only be achieved by using our cold drawn process or by expensive secondary machining. Our expert design team created a combination of cold rolling and cold drawing processes to achieve .004” geometrical line tolerances on the finished product.

The .760″ wide by .445″ high profiles, drawn from TrimRite® Steel to a 125 Ra finish, are heat treated per customer specifications. An adiabatic process is used to precisely cut the profile into various lengths, with ± .005″ accuracy and absolutely no kerf – no further machining is needed.

Our team is ready to work with you to design tooling and produce your profiles in an effort to cost-effectively produce parts, no matter how complex, using a cold forming technique.

To learn more about this profile as well as others, or how cold drawn and cold rolled profiles could benefit your application, please contact Rathbone today.

Cold Drawn TrimRite® Pipe Gasket Retaining Segment Highlights

Product Application

This pipe gasket retaining segment is used in high pressure pipe gasket applications.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Die Design and Manufacturing
Our unique capabilities allow us to hold tooth sharpness to .005″. High volume adiabatic shearing and saw cutting

Customer Benefits:


  • .005″ Maximum Tooth Tips
  • Adiabatic Sheer Provides High Volume with no Kerf loss
  • Heat Treated Segments

Overall Profile Dimensions

Width: .760″
Height: .445″
Lengths: .565″ ±.005″


Profile line as tight as Width: .004″
Height: .004″

Material Used

TrimRite® Stainless

Max Material Finish

125 Ra

Estimated Profile Weight

.6450 lbs per ft

Industry for Use

Water Pipe

Standards Met

Per Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Description

Retaining Segment

TrimRite® is a registered trademark of CSR Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corporation

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