Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Seal Strip for the Power Generation Industry

REQUEST QUOTE Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Seal Strip for the Power Generation Industry

Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. manufactures this stainless steel seal strip for use in a power plant turbine. The requirements call for a very thin J-edge profile, and our cold rolled process delivers the profile with precise tolerances that enable the seal strip to withstand conditions of the power generation environment. Working with 410 Stainless Steel, we cold roll this .480″ wide, .100″ high seal strip into the J-configuration, holding tolerances to ±.005″ on the width as low as ± .001″ on the height. We supply the strip to the customer in pancake wound spools.

Rathbone’s many years of experience enables us to create profiles that offer the most precise and economical solution for your custom engineered components.

To learn more about this profile as well as others, or how cold drawn and cold rolled profiles could benefit your application, please contact Rathbone today.

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Seal Strip Project Highlights

Product Application

This seal strip is used in power plant turbine applications.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Die Design and Manufacturing
Our unique capabilities allow us to provide a very thin sealing edge. We have the ability to roll form a “j” configuration on the profile.

Customer Benefits:

  • Cold Rolled Thin Edges
  • Roll Form “j” Configuration

Overall Profile Dimensions

Width: .480″
Height: .100″
Pancake Wound Spools


Width: ±.005″
Height: ±001″

Material Used

410 Stainless Steel

Max Material Finish

63 Ra

Estimated Profile Weight

.0455 lbs per ft

Industry for Use

Power Generation

Standards Met

Per Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Description

Seal Strip

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