Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Turbine Bucket Blade Stock for the Power Generation Industry

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Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. produces this turbine bucket blade stock for customers in the power generation industry. Due to its asymmetrical shape, the profile was difficult and costly to machine in large volume. After reviewing the customer specifications, Rathbone proposed a cold roll process to produce the profiles. Our expert in-house design team developed tooling that would form the unbalanced profile, improve the tolerances, provide a better surface finish, and do it more economically, with less waste than machining.

We fabricate this blade stock from 403/410 Stainless Steel, rolled to a .750″ width and .650″ height and with a 32 Ra or better surface finish. Tolerances are held to ±.010″, the deviation across the web is less than ±.002″, and the straightness is accurate to within ±.030″ per foot. We supply the customer with both 3′ and 6′, heat treated bar lengths as well as 12′ lengths in cold rolled condition.

Rathbone was proud of its ability to provide this customer with a superior quality product at a significant cost savings. We store and maintain the tooling on this project, as we do with all others, to produce this stock on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about this profile as well as others, or how cold drawn and cold rolled profiles could benefit your application, please contact Rathbone today.

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Turbine Bucket Blade Stock Highlights

Product Application

This asymmetrical turbine bucket blade stock is used in a steam turbine application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Roll Design and Manufacturing
Our unique capabilities allow us to cold roll an unbalanced profile.

Customer Benefits:

  • Better surface finish
  • Substantially reduced costs due to reduction of scrap
  • Elimination of difficult machining operations

Overall Profile Dimensions

Width: .750″
Height: .650″
3’ to 6’ In a Heat Treated Condition
Up to 12′ Mill Lengths Available if Supplied in As Cold Rolled Condition


Across Web: ±.002″
Straightness: ±.030″ Per Foot
Straightness (If Supplied as Cold Rolled): .020″ Per Foot

Material Used

403 / 410 Stainless Steel Per AMS 2303

Max Material Finish

32 Ra or Better

Estimated Profile Weight

.45 lbs

Industry for Use

Power Generation

Standards Met

Per Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Description

Turbine Bucket

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